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LED Panel Light Working Condition Is Good

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           The installation of LED panel light china must be certified professional electrician. Lamps and

lanterns can't all install in the zenith, or a heat source of the wall. You need to pay attention to the

low voltage and high voltage wire separate line. Besides, lamps and lanterns of attachment can

through from drilling and lamps and lanterns can use wire clip at the back of the attachment. 

           To control the LED panel light fixtures working condition, you need to make sure the power

cord of lamps and lanterns has enough length, not under tension or tangential force. Install lamps

and lanterns of attachment to avoid excessive tension, knot don't make the connection. Output

should pay attention to it and attachment should not be confused with other lamps and lanterns.

After installed, low voltage switch power supply plug with the lamps and lanterns of low voltage plug

connection. Next, you will need to connect the tail connecting mains to switch power supply of lamps

and lanterns, which usually brown (black) wire to wire. LED panel light working condition sometimes

should be strict and LED industrial lighting suppliers are all very care about it.

  Below is a specific introduction about LED panel light product Installation considerations. Pay

attention that non-professional personnel shall not remove, maintenance LED panel light.  

          1. Cut off the power before installation, prevent to get an electric shock, in the work is to

avoid touch the surface of the lamp.

          2. Do not install in the fuel is used, no matter what circumstances, lamps and lanterns can't

be heat insulation gasket or similar materials cover.

          3. Product and flammable materials to ensure that at least 0.2 m distance, be installed to

ensure that the zenith of periods of 2 cm high, lamps and lanterns can't all installed on the inside of

the zenith, or a heat source of the wall, pay attention to the low voltage and high voltage wire

separate line. LED panel light working condition also should comply with them. 

         As environmental protection and energy saving of LED Panel light, traditional lamps and

lanterns are gradually replaced by advanced LED lights. An ordinary incandescent lamp does not

have special performance, but LED panel lights a broader scope than the general lamps and lanterns,

and will also play huge function in energy conservation and emissions reduction. Our company has

the right to remove, secretly for replacement or maintenance of products and services. If you are

interested in our products, you can visit www.bright-led,com for more information.